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As a local lawn care company in Wichita, Kansas, we have a great reputation for providing amazing landscape results and customer service. Our variety of lawn maintenance services produces the perfect lawn: lawn disease control, weed control, lawn fertilization, lawn mowing, landscaping and more. We also provide lawn care services to other nearby Kansas cities: Newton, El Dorado, Hutchinson, Wellington, Winfield, and beyond!




Weed Control


Lawn Mowing Wichita KS

We have all the lawn care services you need to have the brightest and greenest lawn in the neighborhood! Whether you need lawn mowing, weed control, lawn fertilization, we got you covered. Our team also performs fall and spring clean up. No matter if you have a large countryside or little yard, we have the tools and resources to treat and clear landscapes. We have a great reputation as a trustworthy lawn care establishment in Wichita KS because we provide great results with fair pricing. Our team takes our job seriously as a lawn care provider, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and efficiency. We always offer the best methods for all sorts of lawn treatments and plant removals. Many of our clients conclude that we are different from other lawn care companies as we provide so much value through our lawn maintenance packages and customer service.

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Lawn Maintenance Wichita KS

Our company understands that not everyone has the time to care for their lawn, nor do they know how to. We will gladly take care of your grass so that you don’t have to worry about it while having the best lawn in the neighborhood. As a Wichita lawn care establishment, we offer a complete set of lawn care services that will leave you with amazing green results! We are not limited to the general lawn maintenance that we provide: lawn mowing, aeration, lawn seeding, thatch removal, raking, lawn fertilizing, and applying treatments. We offer perfect Spring and Fall clean-up packages that will prepare your lawn for the next seasons. From countryside to yard lawn care, we can apply our services in any location. Our Wichita KS lawn care team is prepared to provide you a customized lawn care routine whenever you’re ready to give us a call.

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Lawn Fertilization Wichita KS

With years of lawn care experience in Wichita, Kansas, we are knowledgeable about all aspects of lawn maintenance and fertilization. Whenever you need a helping hand with making your grass greener, we will assess your grass. We offer turf fertilizer, winterizer treatment for the winter times. We will apply either slow-acting and gradual release fertilizer depending on what’s needed for your grass. Our team makes sure to apply products with the highest quantity of nitrogen because it promotes green coloring and growth. If you have vast land, we will use the broadcast, or rotary spreader to spread your fertilizer. This ensures that your entire landscape is covered in the most time-efficient manner. Our team also applies the drop spreader and battery-operated handheld spreader. For our environmentally cautious clients, we also provide eco-friendly fertilizer options such as grasscycling. We will clip the grass and use it as mulch. The grass itself has high nitrogen. We recommend hiring our professional lawn care providers for lawn fertilization because we know the exact type of fertilizer and the best method of distribution to allow the best coverage and saturation. Whether you want synthetic or organic fertilizers, we got it all!

Lawn Aeration Wichita KS

Thatch Removal Wichita KS

As a Wichita lawn care company, we take our job seriously in giving you the greenest thriving lawn. We can tackle even the more difficult circumstances such as muddy soil and thatch. Our company offers core aeration and thatch removal. Lawn aeration is needed for thick muddy soil, as it creates holes on the ground, allowing air circulation and easier nutrient penetration. We offer core aeration for those that have a large countryside or commercial land. Our aeration heavy-duty machine can plug multiple holes in a large range in a timely manner. We also have an aerator machine for regular yard sizes. We are confident in turning your thick and muddy soil healthier. Thatch is thick soil with layers of similar grass debris on the top. The soil is not able to get proper sunlight or benefit from fertilizers. It is recommended to remove the thatch, however, when done incorrectly, it can leave the roots exposed. We recommend calling our professional lawn care team to remove the thatch as we are experienced and precise with our work.

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Weed Control Wichita KS

If you notice a significant portion of your lawn is covered with discolored and splotchy patches, one of the factors could be due to weeds. Lawn weeds come in all different types; some of the common ones are Crabgrass, Nutsedge, Dandelion, and more. One of the common ways of removal is through spot treatment using liquid weed control. However, you can only do so much with spot treatments. We recommend calling for professional weed controllers because there are so many different types of weeds and many wrong ways to kill the weeds incorrectly. When it comes to treating a lawn with at least 20% weeds, you need to carefully treat it or end up ruining the healthy grass and soil. Some weeds like crabgrass can easily be pulled while dandelions or cloves can quickly grow back because their roots are deep! Our company believes that the best way to combat weeds is through monthly lawn maintenance. If you’re near Wichita, Kansas, give us a call for lawn care and weed control assistance.

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Lawn Disease Control Wichita KS

The grass is alive, therefore, they can decay or get diseases. Some common lawn diseases are Brown Patch, Fairy Ring, Leaf spots, Mildew, and more. Lawn disease is caused by disease-causing microorganisms and fungi. Some grasses are prone to certain diseases, however, the environment is also considered for the growth of pathogens. Depending on the conditions, you may see some signs of lawn disease through discoloration of tinted yellow or brown. Some lawn diseases such as red thread or snow mold do not require treatments because they disappear on their own. It is important to be cautious of some lawn disease signs that could spread and harm your grass. Some lawn diseases such as Fairy Rings or Powdery Mildew require professional assessment because it can cause permanent damage to the lawn. Our Wichita lawn disease control team uses anti-fungal products that prevent the regrowth of lawn fungus and diseases. It is important to have professionals apply effective chemical treatments, or your healthy grass can die. Some treatments require the lawn will need to be reseeded after the process. Trust our Wichita lawn care providers as we are experienced in treating all kinds of lawn disease.

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Lawn Pest Control Wichita KS

It is normal to have insects in your lawn as they love your grass as much as you do. However, there’s a difference between bugs and pests. Some bugs like bees, spiders, and ground beetles are essential to spread pollen and fight against pests. Common pests like whiteflies, slugs, cutworms, spider mites, aphids, and grubs can eat grass and roots, destroying the overall health. You might notice some signs of pest infestation through brown spots, bite marks on the grass, missing roots, or even holes in the soil. Our fantastic team of pest controllers will inspect the lawn to identify the types of pests you have and the type of grass. This will allow us to apply the best insecticide while preserving the health of your entirely green grass. After the application, we will check up on the grass in another two weeks and address the next steps. As a Wichita lawn care company, we take our job seriously to get rid of your lawn pests. We are passionate about promoting the health of your grass and give you comfortability. 

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